Marc Destefano

Marc Destefano

Senior Lecturer

Photo of Marc DestefanoPhoto of Marc Destefano

Lecturer, Cognitive Science

  • Ph.D., Cognitive Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Marc Destefano’s work lies at the intersection of expertise, multitasking, game design, and theater. His background is in computer science, artificial intelligence, and experimental psychology, and he is a fierce advocate for multidisciplinary education. Destefano has been teaching game design and development at Rensselaer for over twelve years, and was one of the founding members of the Game and Simulation Arts and Sciences program.

Destefano is currently interested in cutting-edge real-time graphics technologies, brain-computer interfaces, new display modalities, and figuring out what certain video games can teach us about learning and skill transfer.

Recent projects include work at the Emergent Reality lab integrating stereoscopic oblique projection matrices with 3D tracking, using depth field cameras as a method of interacting with real-time virtual environments, and some distance-field rendering experiments with kaleidoscopic iterated function systems.

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