Jim Fahey, RPI Professor

Jim Fahey, RPI Professor


In this talk I will offer an account and defense of ontological emergence and situate current discussions of emergence based on an examination of the work on "mind, body and emergence" of emergentism's most careful early pioneer, C. D. Broad.  In addition, I will quickly characterize the view on "emergence in cognitive science" of J. L. McClelland in this context and then move to a discussion of Jaegwon Kim's recent appraisal of the main difficulties faced by defenders of emergentism.  I will give a beginning answer to Kim's challenge and go on to remark in passing on how one might extend the doctrine of emergentism to cover our notion of "time."  I conclude with a brief note on one important role played by the philosopher vis-a-vis the scientist.

 Emergentism: Dead Again?

The Past is Dead - Long Live the Past!