Hilde Teuchies, Managing Director of CREW

Hilde Teuchies, Managing Director of CREW



Using a PowerPoint presentation and short video-films, the lecture will start with an introduction of the work of Belgium based arts collective CREW and its main artist Eric Joris. I will focus on CREW creations that involve the use of immersive technology: W (Double U)/Headswap – C.A.P.E – EUX – Terra Nova. This will bring me to the concept of 'Presence'  and the paper written by Prof. Kurt Van Houtte and Nele Wynants (University of Antwerp): 'Performing phenomenology: negotiating presence in intermedial theatre[1]'. In this article the authors argue that CREW, in its use of new immersive technologies in the context of a live stage, gives rise to a dialectics between an embodied and a disembodied perspective towards the perceived world. I will finish with highlighting a number of experience based findings and audience behaviour, as gathered throughout CREW's public presentations.  Finally, during the Q&A, Eric Joris will join me to respond to questions from the audience.

CREW (BE, www.crewonline.org) is a performance group and multi-disciplinary team of artists and scientists, centered on visual artist Eric Joris. CREW explores new forms of theatricality, thereby taking technology as a starting point, rather than embedding technology in traditional theatre structures. CREW's goal is to integrate technology and live performance, and to engineer different layers of reality in theatre and live performance. The challenge lies in finding ways of translating technological schemes and structures into dramaturgical concepts.

For more than a decade, CREW has been known for ground-breaking performances at the leading edge of theatre, film and new media. With state-of-the-art interactive technology, the company has developed a medium that puts the spectator right into the heart of the performance. CREW's work explores and develops the potential of immersive media in the arts. By doing so, CREW extends the boundaries of performing arts and film. CREW's creations are trans-disciplinary and multi-faceted: they range from one-to-one performances, theatre stage productions and visual art installations to scientific research set-ups and interventions in public spaces.  The clear line running through all is Eric Joris's search for a medium that both dissects and expands our experience. CREW's work has been presented on stages across Europe, at large public events from Brussels to Shanghai, and at scientific and academic conferences in Europe, China and the US.


CREW is invited to the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as visiting Artists in Residence for the period of Monday, January 7, 2013 – Sunday, January 27, 2013.

Subject of the Research Residency: Immersive Documentary (Sendai in New York)

 At EMPAC, CREW wants to explore the documentary value of immersive performance, fusing an immersive environment (based on prerecorded material) with live footage. More concretely, during the residency CREW will test the possibilities of fusing footage recorded on the spot in New York with material that Eric Joris recorded in Japan shortly after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.

The residency will culminate in a presentation of the research and development, free and open to the general public on Saturday, January 26, 2013.

Penetrating Deeper into the Temporal Lobe

[1] Vanhoutte Kurt, Wynants Nele.- Performing phenomenology : negotiating presence in intermedial theatre

Foundations of science - ISSN 1233-1821 - 16:2-3(2011), p. 275-284