Eva Hudlicka, Psychometrix Associates and U. Mass.-Amherst

Eva Hudlicka, Psychometrix Associates and U. Mass.-Amherst

The past 15 years have witnessed a rapid growth in computational modeling of emotion and the development of cognitive-affective architectures. Models are being built both to elucidate the mechanisms of affective processes, and to enhance believability and effectiveness of synthetic agents and robots. Yet in spite of the many emotion models developed to date, systematic guidelines for their design are lacking.  This makes both the development of new models, and the comparison and analysis of existing models, challenging and hinders model re-use and the sharing of model components.

In the first half of this talk I will outline a computational analytical framework to serve as a basis of systematizing affective model development, by: (1) viewing emotion models in terms of two core types of processes: emotion generation and emotion effects, and (2) identifying the generic computational tasks (‘building blocks’) necessary to implement these processes. 

In the second half of the talk I will discuss an approach to modeling the mechanisms of affective biases on cognition. A number of these biases have been identified, but their mechanisms are not yet understood.  I will describe a methodology for modeling the effects of emotions on cognition in terms of parameters that influence processing within the individual modules of a symbolic cognitive-affective architecture. The primary objective of this methodology is to facilitate the construction and exploration of alternative mechanisms of affective biases. 


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Eva Hudlicka is a Principal Scientist and President of Psychometrix Associates, in Amherst, MA, Visiting Lecturer at the School of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Adjunct Associate Professor at Hampshire College. Her primary research focus is the development of computational models of emotion-cognition interactions and the applications of these models in behavioral health technologies. Prior to founding Psychometrix, she was a Senior Scientist at BBN in Cambridge, MA.  Dr. Hudlicka is an Associate Editor of the International Jnl. of Synthetic Emotions, member of the Editorial Board of the Intl. Jnl. of Machine Consciousness and the Oxford Series on Cognitive Models and Architectures, and was a member of the National Research Council committee on “Behavioral Modeling and Simulation”. She has authored numerous journal and conference articles and book chapters, and has taught courses and tutorials in “Affective Computing”, “Computational Emotion Modeling” and “Affective Gaming”.  Dr. Hudlicka received her BS in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech, MS in Computer Science from The Ohio State University, and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.