Minds & Machines

Science drives technology, and technology shapes our world. In the 20th century, as we came to a thorough scientific understanding of both physics and chemistry, physical and chemical technology thrived, affecting our lives from plastics to nuclear power plants. The turn of the century brought us into the biological age: scientists have mapped the human genome, biotechnology centers are popping up like mushrooms, and we discuss the morality of cloning. Next stop: cognition. Neural memory implants? Autonomously smart machines? The Matrix? We'd better come prepared.

Cognitive science is a young and ambitious science that aims to understand all aspects of mind, human or otherwise. It is a highly interdisciplinary science at the intersection of many fields, including psychology, computer science, and philosophy. Students perform cutting-edge scientific research into the nature of reasoning, perception, memory, and learning, create intelligent artificial agents and smart enabling technology, and address philosophical questions about the fundamental nature of our mind and the ethical implications of cognitive technology. Minds & Machines Students meet biweekly to interact with fellow Minds & Machines students and associated faculty, work side by side with professors and graduate students in any of our dedicated labs, and attend guest lectures given by dominant thinkers in the field. Minds & Machines students will set themselves apart from students doing straight Computer Science or straight Psychology. Minds & Machines students will learn to think analytically as well as synthetically, scientifically as well as technologically, critically as well as creatively. Minds & Machines students will be prepared for the cognitive revolution that is going to happen in their lifetime. Minds & Machines students will be tomorrow's intellectual leaders.

For more information contact: Bram van Heuveln