Undergraduate Programs

Historically a merger between the Philosophy and Psychology Departments, and with the nature of the human mind as an obvious common object of study, the Cognitive Department offers various courses, curricula, and research opportunities in philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science. 

Many undergraduate students take our often thought-provoking and skill-enhancing (several of our courses are communications-intensive) courses in order to satisfy their Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences requirement (PHIL counts as Humanities, PSYC as Social Science), only to find themselves declaring a minor or dual major a short while after they discover the fascinating questions raised in our courses, and sometimes surprising answers that have been found. 

The Cognitive Science Department offers B.S. degrees in Philosophy, in Psychological Science, and in Cognitive Science.  It also offers a wide selection of minors in these areas. 

With four laboratories, and close to a dozen research groups, undergraduates can participate in cutting-edge research in the various explorations and applications in cognitive science and related areas. Students can often receive credit for this work -  and in some cases monetary compensation – through the Undergraduate Research Program.

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