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CLARION is a project investigating fundamental structures of the human mind. In particular, it aims to explore the interaction of implicit and explicit cognition, emphasizing bottom-up learning (i.e., learning that involves acquiring first implicit knowledge and then acquiring explicit knowledge on its basis). The project is aimed at the synthesis of many interesting intellectual ideas into a coherent model of cognition. The goal is to form a (generic) cognitive architecture that captures a variety of cognitive processes in a unified way and thus to provide unified explanations of a wide range of data.

The current objective of this project is two-fold: (a) developing artificial agents in certain cognitive task domains and (b) understanding human learning and reasoning in similar domains. The project is led by Prof. Ron Sun. . The project has been supported by ONR and ARI.

List of Participants (past and present)

·  Ron Sun

·  Sebastien Helie

·  Nick Wilson

·  Michael Lynch

·  Bob Mathews

·  Sean Lane

·  Xi Zhang

·  Yizchak Naveh-Benjamin (Isaac Naveh)

·  Paul Slusarz

·  Todd Peterson

·  Chad Sessions

·  Chris Terry

·  Pierson Fleischer

·  Ryan Allison

·  Dehu Qi

·  Ed Merrill

CLARION tutorials slides

·  CLARION tutorials slides (for CLARION 5.0)

·  CLARION tutorials slides (for CLARION 6.0)

A Sketch of CLARION

List of Publications

Software for the CLARION System

·  Clarion 4.0 (an old version)

·  Clarion 5.0 (an old version)

·  Clarion 5.0 (an old Mac version, source files only)

·  Clarion 5.0 (an old Window version, source files only)

·  Clarion 6.0 (the new version): here is the beta version (and a patch ).

·  Clarion 6.1 (new, 3rd Beta Release, in C#)

·  planning

·  partitioning

·  segmentation

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·  The 8th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling -- Ann Arbor, Michigan (ICCM 2007). July 27-29, 2007.

·  The 2006 Cognitive Science Society Conference -- Vancouver

·  The 2005 Cognitive Science Society Conference -- Stresa, Italy

·  The 2004 Cognitive Science Society Conference -- Chicago

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·  The 2003 Cognitive Science Society Conference -- Boston

·  The 2003 Cognitive Modeling Conference -- Bamberg, Germany

·  The 2002 Cognitive Science Society Conference -- Fairfax, VA.

·  The 2001 Cognitive Modeling Conference -- Fairfax, VA.

Additional Information

ee Prof. Ron Sun's home page .

·t  Consciousness ge.