Invitation to be a reviewer for CogSci 2006

We would like to invite you to be a reviewer for CogSci2006. Cognitive science pursues a scientific understanding of the mind through all available methodologies, notably those of anthropology, artificial intelligence, computer science, education, linguistics, logic, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology, in whatever combinations that are most appropriate to the topic at hand.

If you accept this invitation, please log on to the CogSci 2005 reviewing website at , and SETUP and/or UPDATE your expertise profile there (this is very important).

You can use your existing ID and password (if you remember them; otherwise use the option "Look It Up").

If you are new to the system, then click on "Create Your Account". Log in, change your password, and fill in the required contact info. You will then reach your home page.

Once you are there, click on the link for "My Reviewing Preferences", and then the link for "Volunteer to Become a COGSCI Reviewer". Click on "Areas of Expertise", you will be asked to provide information about your areas of expertise. Then click on "Reviewing Categories", where you should put down the number of submissions to review (for the main CogSci2006 conference --- "CogSci2006 Main Program").

Note that PC members will assign you papers that match your general areas of expertise (those keywords with proper levels of expertise) as you indicate on the reviewing website. So please provide as accurate a description (i.e., keywords with proper levels of expertise) as possible.

Once you have finished specifying your reviewing preferences, select the link at the top of your home page for "Reviews in Progress" and click "Review for CogSci 2006 Main Program" to familiarize yourself with that part of the site (since in the future that is where you will actually access the papers to which you have been assigned, and submit your reviews. You will be notified by email once you have been assigned papers to review.


For all other information about CogSci 2006, see:

Thank you very much for your help.

--- Ron Sun