Call for Student Volunteers

One of the backbones of the annual Cognitive Science conference is the student volunteers.  Being a student volunteer is an excellent chance to meet and interact with other cognitive scientists.  In addition to the reward of the warm glow of public service, student volunteers will have their registration fee paid, and if from outside the Vancouver area, will receive a free (shared) room.  Also, as an added benefit, lunch is provided for SVs on conference days.

Students who are presenting a paper or poster will be given first priority.  You must be willing to work at least 15-20 hours during the conference, and be available during the entire meeting, starting from the evening of July 25 through the evening of July 29th. 

If you are interested in applying to be a student volunteer, please send an e-mail with the subject line Student Volunteer to gruber at cognitivesciencesociety dot org with answers to the questions below, by May 15.  Selected applicants will be notified by June 9.

Deborah Gruber
SV Co-Chair