Four Computational Modeling Prizes

Four prizes worth $1,000 (USD) each will be awarded for the best full paper submissions to the 2006 Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society that involve computational cognitive modeling. The four separate prizes will represent the best modeling work in the respective areas of: perception, language, higher-level cognition, and applied cognition. The prizes are open to researchers at any level (student, postdoc, research scientist, faculty) from any nationality. Any form of computational cognitive modeling relevant to cognitive science will be eligible, including (but no limited to) connectionism, symbolic, Bayesian, dynamic systems, or various hybrids.

No special submission procedure is required---all full paper submissions to the conferences will be automatically considered, using the interdisciplinary program committee that is supervising the review process. The full paper submission deadline is February 1st, 2006. For further details about the conference submission procedure, see