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Special Issue
-- Multi-disciplinary studies of multi-agent learning --

special issue editor: Ron Sun (rsun AT

Co-learning involving multiple agents and/or in a social setting has been studied in many different disciplines under various guises. For example, the issue has been addressed by distributed artificial intelligence, parallel distributed computing, cognitive psychology of learning, social psychology, game theory and other areas of mathematical economics, sociology, anthropology, and many other related disciplines. These studies are often disparate and different disciplines often ignore each other, although there have been cross-disciplinary work, such as AI studies using game theory or sociological work incorporating psychological insights.

We believe interdisciplinary interaction and integration are important. Cross-disciplinary communications can help to make better progress. Therefore, we want to take a close look at research on multi-agent learning and accentuate its interdisciplinary nature.

Papers on multi-agent learning are invited from AI, cognitive psychology, social psychology, game theory, economics, sociology, anthropology, and other related disciplines.

A non-exclusive set of possible topics (among other possibilities) are:

  • how agents learn to cooperate with each others under bounded rationality
  • what the minimum cognitive complexity of an agent necessary for cooperation is
  • how we should characterize the process and dynamics of co-learning, conceptually, mathematically, or computationally
  • how social structures and relations figure into co-learning
  • what the role of social institution is in co-learning
  • what realistic cognitive constraints are in co-learning and how they help or hamper learning and cooperation
  • novel algorithms of co-learning
  • overviews of theoretical results concerning co-learning (e.g., concerning game learning)
  • significant applications of multi-agent learning systems

    Please submit papers electronically, in a PostScript or PDF form, by October 1st, 2000, to the editors listed above

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  • Accepted papers of the special issue of Cognitive Systems Research on multi-disciplinary studies of multi-agent learning (in PDF). Cognitive Systems Research, Vol.2, No.1, pp.1-96, 2001.